BeoLab 6000

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This active loudspeaker was introduced shortly after the Beolab 8000, and can be considered as a miniature version of it. Originally intended simply for use as the rear channel loudspeakers in the AV 9000 home-cinema, it outlived this system and became a popular choice as a small loudspeaker for use with equipment like the Beosound Ouverture.

Technically, it was very similar to the Beolab 8000, but with everything scaled down slightly. The same combination of two bass drivers, a dome tweeter and a bass reflex cabinet were employed, and whilst the results would not satisfy the serious listener, the performance was pleasing for speech and simple music in smaller rooms. Unfortunately, the same problems with drive unit reliability that had affected the Beolab 8000 re-appeared with the 6000, which used the same tweeter. The woofers were not of the plastic coned type, but did suffer with torn rubber roll edges, because the material used was too thin and became hardened with use.

External connections were underneath the cabinet. Two Powerlink sockets were fitted, along with an RCA connection for “line in” use from older or non-B&O equipment. The underside of the base was moulded with numerous channels and cable grips so that the connecting wires could exit neatly.

The Beolab 6000 was another very successful model and remained in the range for many years. Like the Beolab 8000, the only major styling revision was the introduction of a choice of colours for the metal parts.